per 100 grams
Carbohydrates 28.9 g
Proteins 55.6 g
Fats 5.6 g
Water 4.1 g
Sugar 22.2 grams
Fiber 6.7 grams
Trans Fats 0 ug
Ash 5.9 grams

Soy-based Protein Powder

388 Calories per 100g

and why you might use it

Soy-based protein powder is a health-focused dietary supplement made from soybeans—a legume packed with high-quality nutrition and considered a complete source of protein. Soybeans are an excellent source of essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. One serving of soybeans (approximately one cup, depending on the brand) provides you with around 25 grams of protein and 7 grams of dietary fiber, making it a great plant-based source of both protein and fiber.

For those looking to increase or maintain their protein intake, soy-based protein powders are a convenient and efficient way to do just that. In addition, soy-based protein powders contain higher amounts of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals than other plant-based sources of protein, such as wheat and hemp. Soy-based protein powders come in many forms, including unflavored, unflavored with stevia, flavored, and more.

One of the biggest benefits of soy-based protein powder is its digestibility. Protein derived from soybeans is generally easier to break down and digest than protein from most other plant-based sources. This means that your body can absorb and use the essential nutrients found in soy-based protein powders more quickly and efficiently than other plant-based protein powders. Soy-based protein powders are also a great source of high quality and low-fat protein, meaning they can help you meet your daily calorie and protein needs without needing to consume a lot of extra unhealthy fats.

The main reason why many athletes and health-conscious individuals turn to soy-based protein powders is because of their convenience. Unlike other food sources of protein, such as meat or beans, soy-based protein powders do not require long preparation times and can be blended into smoothies and shakes in seconds. This means that you can have quick, delicious, and nutritious meal or snack within minutes.

Another great reason to consider using soy-based protein powders is their low cost. Compared to other plant-based proteins, soy-based protein powders tend to be much more affordable—especially unflavored options. Unflavored soy-based protein powders are also very versatile, making them a great option for people looking to save money by creating their own homemade protein recipes.

Soy-based protein powder may also be beneficial for those looking to improve their digestion. Research suggests that soy-based proteins are digested up to 40 percent faster than other plant-based proteins, meaning they can help the body’s digestive system run more efficiently.

In addition to its digestive benefits, soy-based protein powders are also a great source of antioxidants. Studies show that the antioxidants in soy-based protein powders may be able to help reduce inflammation in the body and decrease the risk of heart disease.

Last but certainly not least, soy-based protein powders are vegan-friendly. Unlike animal sources of protein, soy-based protein powders are free from animal products and byproducts, making them an excellent choice for the vegan or vegetarian diet.

When it comes to dietary supplements, soy-based protein powders are among the most versatile and beneficial options available. Not only can they help you reach your daily protein and calorie needs, but they also offer a number of additional health benefits. Whether you are looking for a quick, convenient, and affordable protein source or just looking to add a few more nutrients to your diet, soy-based protein powders are definitely worth considering.