per 100 grams
Carbohydrates 2.1 g
Proteins 25.6 g
Fats 26.6 g
Water 41 g
Sugar 0.6 grams
Fiber 0 ug
Ash 4.7 grams

Provolone Cheese

351 Calories per 100g

What is Provolone Cheese?

If you’re a fan of robust, flavorful cheeses, then Provolone is an option you must consider. It’s a semi-hard type of cheese, has wonderful complexity, and is made with a unique process.

Originating in Italy, Provolone is a popular cheese found around the world. Its flavor -- and how it’s made -- differentiate it from other cheeses.

For starters, it has an intense, rich flavor that can be described as both sharp and tangy -- and it is incredibly creamy. When you bite into it, you’ll get an amazingly delicious taste. In addition, the texture of Provolone is quite distinct. It’s quite a firm cheese, but also quite moist and smooth.

Not only does Provolone have a delightful flavor, it is also one of the most versatile types of cheese. You can use it for slicing, grating, stuffing and more. Provolone pairs well with a variety of dishes, as its bold, flavorful taste complements many different ingredients.

So what sets Provolone apart from other cheeses? Firstly, the way it is made is quite unique. Provolone cheese is made using a process called steam stretching. This involves simmering the cheese in salted whey over a fire. During this process, the cheese becomes longer and thinner. Afterwards, it is placed in a looped shape and allowed to cool. As a result, Provolone has its popular distinctive shape.

Another element that sets it apart is its aging process. Provolone cheese is aged for a minimum of three months, allowing it to develop its intense flavor and robust aroma. During this process, it is submerged in saltwater brine.

Provolone is also unique in regards to its fat content. It’s considered a “high fat” cheese, with a fat content of at least 40%.

Regardless, Provolone is often a favorite amongst cheese connoisseurs. Thanks to its delicious flavor, versatility, and unique textures, it’s no wonder so many people enjoy it.

Whether you make your own or purchase it from a grocer, it’s worth seeking out Provolone if you want a truly exceptional cheese experience. Its intense flavor sure won’t disappoint!