per 100 grams
Carbohydrates 64.8 g
Proteins 4.9 g
Fats 24.9 g
Water 4.2 g
Sugar 48.3 grams
Fiber 1.1 grams
Ash 1.2 grams

Twix Bar

502 Calories per 100g

The iconic Twix bar is one of the most popular candy bars in the world. Developed by Mars, Inc. in 1967, the Twix Bar is a chocolate-covered cookie topped with caramel and chocolate. It has become a symbol of indulgence and a favorite snack for many around the world.

But what exactly is a Twix bar? The name was derived from a combination of two words: “twin” and “sticks”. It refers to the bar's two halves that are traditionally separated and then eaten. The Twix bar is made up of three layers; the crunchy cookie base layer, the chewy caramel middle layer, and the smooth milk chocolate coating.

At its core, the Twix bar is a cookie that is made up of flour, sugar, butter and eggs. This cookie base is combined with a crisp, buttery-tasting filling that is a mix of caramel and chocolate. This mix gives the bar a unique flavor and texture. To make the cookie, it is first divided into two identical parts which are then covered in a crunchy layer of toasted biscuit crumb. The biscuit crumb helps to give the cookie a crunch and a slightly sweet flavor. The caramel layer is then added, followed by the milk chocolate coating.

The amount of chocolate and caramel in the bar can be adjusted to suit the maker's preferences, but the traditional Twix bar contains about 40% of each, making for a delicious mix. The peanuts and nut brittle inclusions are optional and often used to add a little extra crunch.

Apart from the classic Twix bar, several variants have also been developed over the years. Variations include the Twix White Chocolate, which has a white chocolate coating, the Twix Dark Chocolate, with a dark chocolate coating and many more. In addition, there are even variations where the cookie and caramel layers can be swapped around, like the Twix Top.

Twix bars come in a variety of forms, such as regular bars, king size, mini bites, etc. The regular bar typically contains 270 calories and weighs in at over 58 grams. These calorie counts can vary depending on the size, however.

When it comes to serving a Twix, the options are nearly endless. The classic way to eat the bar is to break each of the two sticks apart and enjoy the mixture of crispy biscuit, smooth caramel and delightful chocolate. But, you can also crumble them onto ice cream or milkshakes, or even bake them into a decadent pastry. No matter how you choose to enjoy your Twix bar, you can be sure that it will always bring a smile to your face.

In conclusion, the Twix bar is an iconic chocolate-covered cookie that has been enjoyed by generations of fans worldwide. It's chewy caramel and crunchy biscuit combination makes for a delicious snack that is sure to satisfy cravings. From its classic form to the many iterations developed over the years, the Twix is a must-have treat that should be enjoyed to its fullest!