per 100 grams
Carbohydrates 66.3 g
Proteins 11.3 g
Fats 15.8 g
Water 3.6 g
Fiber 10.2 grams
Starch 54.6 grams
Trans Fats 0 ug
Cholesterol 54.6 ug
Ash 3 grams

Multi-grain Crackers

453 Calories per 100g

Multi-grain crackers are an incredibly versatile snack, having become a popular option for health conscious people who want a nutritious and delicious snack. These crackers are usually made from a variety of grains, allowing for different textures and flavors that can work well in either a sweet or savory context. Whether you’re looking for a snack to enjoy after a long day, or a light appetizer for your next get-together, multi-grain crackers are sure to hit the spot.

At the heart of multi-grain crackers are a combination of grains. Common ingredients include whole wheat, millet, cornmeal, oatmeal, barley, and rye. As the name implies, they are made up of more than one type of grain, which is what makes them so tasty. While each grain has its own unique flavor, the combination of grains creates a wholesome flavor that is both crunchy and slightly sweet.

Not only is a variety of grains used to give multi-grain crackers their unique flavor, but these whole grains are also a great source of nutrition. Whole wheat is rich in important B-vitamins, and the other whole grains used to make crackers contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Eating crackers made from whole grains can provide a boost of energy, as well as help to support healthy digestion and cholesterol levels.

One of the primary reasons for the increased popularity of multi-grain crackers is their versatility. They can be enjoyed as part of a charcuterie board or as a snack on their own. They also work well as a garnish for salads, hors d’oeuvres, and even soups. Furthermore, most people find that the complex flavor of multi-grain crackers pairs well with a variety of different toppings, such as cheese, hummus, and honey.

The texture and flavor of multi-grain crackers makes them a great option for all kinds of recipes. From quiches and frittatas to cheesecakes and tarts, the crunch of the cracker can easily compliment the savory or sweet elements of a dish. You can also use them as a base for delicious savory appetizers like mini pizzas, or a fun twist on classic desserts like shortbread.

Another plus of multi-grain crackers is that they can be enjoyed as a quick and healthy snack all on their own. Unlike traditional refined, processed crackers, multi-grain crackers contain vitamin and minerals, as well as dietary fiber. This makes them an ideal snack for anyone looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

When it comes to buying multi-grain crackers, there are plenty of options available. You can find these in most grocery stores and health food stores, as well as online retailers. Many mainstream brands now offer multi-grain crackers in several different flavors, while more specialized brands offer more unique and interesting flavors.

If you’re looking for a delicious and nutritious snack, multi-grain crackers are the perfect choice. Combining a variety of grains and seed, as well as a great source of fiber and other nutrients, these crackers offer a wonderful way to snack that is both tasty and wholesome. Whether you want to enjoy them as a standalone snack, or as a flavorful addition to meals and dishes, multi-grain crackers make a great choice.