101 Calories per 100g

Teff: Complete Amino Acid Profile

Teff: Considered a good source of amino acids?

Yes, teff is a good source of amino acids. It contains the essential amino acids (the ones that the body cannot create itself) in adequate amounts. These essential amino acids are important for repairing damaged muscle tissue and encouraging growth, as well as providing energy resources for cell functions. Teff also has an impressive amount of protein for its weight; 100g of cooked grain contain about 8 grams of protein, which is much higher than other grains such as millet or sorghum. Furthermore, it is considered to be relatively “complete” vegan protein, meaning it contains balanced proportions of all nine essential amino acids making teff especially helpful for those on plant-based diets who may not get enough from their meals. All these characteristics make teff a good source of amino acids.